Hello, I'm Mike

For the past 4 years I've been trying to get a heart transplant and because of the heart defect I was born with I was turned down multiple times.

Now is my chance to do the impossible.  I'm going to Columbia University in New York and fighting for a new heart.


Because no adults have heart transplant with my heart defect. There have been successful transplants on children but a lot of us do not survive into adulthood.

my goal

Everyday I get closer and closer to achieving what I always felt was the impossible. But I never gave up, the worst that could happen in my mind was they tell me no. I'm so close to achieving my life long goal, I am sinking deeper in debt due to medical bills, travel,food costs, rent,etc.

Why donate?

Because without you, this is not possible.  Without donations, I cannot afford this transplant.  It's cost me thousands already to get this far.  I haven't given up and I promise to keep fighting.  I want to be a hero to kids and adults out there.  I want to prove to the world, I can do this. 

Because of the rarity of my disease and my age, I find the best doctors who are able to treat me and are willing to take the chance and give me a heart transplant.  Right now my journey is heading to New York to visit Columbia Hospital who have one of the best transplant facilities in the world.  My current cardiologist is a former resident  at the hospital and suggested that would be the best place to go for me to get a transplant.  Flight, hotel, plus medical bills for visits cost $1,000's.  I was also told to try Philadelphia and meet with Dr.Rhychek.  I'm spoken with his people and I'm already in their medical system as a patient.  I just need to get over there.

On Dec.11th I'm having a Heart Catherization to check my artery and heart function.  This is a precursor to a transplant and some medications which MAY treat my disease for a short time until transplant.  I need your help to pay for all this.  I cannot do it alone.  My fight for this is not just for myself, it's for all the kids out there who will someday be my age.  I need to pave the way to show everyone, this can be done.  I'm told by parents all over the world, that I give them hope that one day their child can be normal and maybe they will live to be adults.

Please, donate what you can.  The cost of missing a day of coffee would mean the world to me.  


















If you know anyone affected by a heart defect or heart disease please donate, share and like my facebook page.




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Help Mike! <3

Help me, so I can save my own life.  

The goal:

Help Mike O'brien get a new heart!